IPTV Sub Device for 12 Months

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  • Valid for 372 days
  • All in XtrixTV of XtrixTV Plus
  • Save $50 – $110
  • Second device package

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Introducing XtrixTV IPTV’s Sub-Device

the perfect addition to your entertainment setup! With our Sub-Device subscription, you can enjoy XtrixTV IPTV’s content on your second device and save up to $50-$110.

Here are some of the exciting features you can expect with our Sub-Device:

If your Master device is XtrixTV IPTV:

  • Over 1300+ Live TV channels
  • Access to 3000+ Movies & Series
  • 7-day TV Guide (EPG) for easy program scheduling
  • Normal and Classic EPG options
  • Favorites & Favorites Manager for convenient content management
  • Try it out with our 3-day free trial!

If your Master device is XtrixTV Plus:

  • Get access to the same content as XtrixTV IPTV, PLUS:
  • Grid EPG, Normal, and Classic EPG options for even more viewing flexibility
  • 7-day Catch Up to never miss a show
  • VOD with sports events for sports enthusiasts
  • Try it out with our 3-day free trial!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate entertainment experience with XtrixTV IPTV’s Sub-Device. Subscribe now and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on multiple devices at a great value!


Do master devices and Sub devices use the same code?

No. They are using different codes, Master Device uses the master device subscription code, and Sub Device uses the Sub device subscription code. Master Device subscription code starts with an Arabic number. Sub Device subscription code starts with the letter “e”.

How to use IPTV Sub-Device?

If you have activated code XtrixTV IPTV or XtrixTV Plus IPTV on device A, install Sub-Device Apk on device B and enter the subscription code for the main device first and then the Sub-Device subscription code.

What are the functional differences between master-Device and sub-devices?

  1. 99% the same, including all live channels and VOD.
  2. The only difference is: The sub-device does not have a cloud PVR function. Because the current system does not support it.

Can IPTV Family Packages be used at the same time?

  1.  If at the same time, Master Device and Sub-Device work from different Networks, the user account will be blocked.
  2. If not at the same time, Master Device or Sub Device can work from different Networks (Any place, different IP supported).

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Sub-Device 12M

7 reviews for IPTV Sub Device for 12 Months

  1. Zakir Ali

    Excellent service. Very quick responses and the workers are very helpful. It works very well, all channels are functional. Huge extended selection of film and TV series. I highly recommend XtrixIPTV.

  2. Eric Jones

    XtrixTVIPTV is an excellent and reliable provider with top-notch service and very fast replies. A rich selection of international channels in FHD and HD. I recommended them to all my friends and family, keep up the good work!

  3. Joe Zamora

    Paid for 12 months, got the key within 1minutes, most channels tested, works very well

  4. John Andy

    You can’t beat the price, that was the main draw for me. My cable bill had gotten to be over $300 a month.

  5. Martyn S.

    Help desk are fantastic people Help me and I an so grateful thank you

  6. Doxia Mou

    I moved from a cable company that was charging me over $220 per month for cable to XtrixTV for a charge of $20 per month. The cable company had far fewer channels than XtrixTV. XtrixTV does an excellent job and I only have high praises for their Chat Support group who have helped me tremendously. Great job. Great service.

  7. John Andy

    This TV is what you need. I am not the TV person in our home, but I have become to like watching TV now due to having XtrixTV. This is definitely a money saver for those that love TV pay-per-view movie channels new release movies on demand are definitely a great quality they offer also for free. Keep up the good job and don’t switch up on us XtrixTV.

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